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Alfresco Kitchens in Perth

Since its inception, the Australian outdoor kitchens have evolved from simple grill cabinet enclosures to stylish designs. Modern alfresco kitchens come with a vast array of design choices and features to create a unique backyard theme.


Stainless Alfresco Kitchen Design

Stainless Steel Perth is recognised as a leading expert in the design of outdoor kitchens in Perth. We have created a large number of unique kitchens for our clients, including both large and small designs.

An alfresco kitchen design can be a complete outdoor kitchen, an outdoor BBQ with some extra features, or a fully integrated exterior design for your outdoor living space.

The good news for consumers is that our designs can be custom made for your budget, as well as your home. A custom design really doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can start with a basic design, and then add more features. You can also add new features to an existing outdoor BBQ outdoor patio, or entertainment area.

Better still – We can design your alfresco kitchen exactly the way you want. If you’ve always wanted kitchen cabinets with your outdoor grill, a dining area, or other amenities, we can do it all for you.

Browse our pictures on this page, and see some of our recent work. Does that look like what you want? Or would you like a complete brand-new design for your home?


Talk to Us about Your Fabulous New Kitchen

Ask us about your options for a great new outdoor kitchen. Also ask us for a free, budget-friendly quote. Contact us online using our form, or just give us a call on 0476616035. We’ll be happy to help make your homemaker’s dream a reality.