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7 Inspiring Balustrade Ideas

31st August 2016 14:37

If you want to transform your staircase into a centrepiece, you need a beautifully designed stainless steel balustrade. Here are a few great ideas for incorporating an inspiring balustrade into your home or business.


  • A Wrap around Balustrade

We’ve never understood why some balustrades just end randomly on the wall. To add a bit of style to your staircase, choose a balustrade staircase that wraps all the way around. They also make it much easier to walk on either side of a corner staircase! 

balustrade staircase


  • Fear Heights No Longer!

This image shows you the perfect use of a balustrade at top heights. If your building includes a second floor walkway that looks out to a view of the bottom floor, a balustrade is a great piece of decoration and a useful safety addition to accompany the walkway.



  • Curves with the Stairs

Stairways that curve or spiral shouldn’t be limited by straight stainless steel balustrades. Allow your handrail to flow like liquid, supporting you as you wind down the stairs. You can see a perfect example of this look here.

 curve stairs balustrade


  • Modern Safety

The sleek look of stainless steel cannot be beaten! Couple the handrail with some cool and modern looking wiring that flows parallel to the diagonal slope of the steel bar to provide an extra layer of both style and safety, like you see here.


  • The Ultimate Roof Deck

If you are fortunate enough to have the space for a roof deck then you should make sure that it’s safe enough to enjoy. A balustrade will create a safe perimeter around the rooftop while providing a stylish-looking fencing. Enjoy the great outdoors, throw some soirees and do so with the safety of a sleek stainless steel balustrade.

 roof balustrade in perth

  • Combine Materials

Don’t compromise good décor look for safety when you can have both. Combine the stainless steel handrail with a glass barrier to keep up the sleek, contemporary look while you keep your family safe. You can see how it works seamlessly.

balustrade stairs


  • Need a Hand Getting Out of the Pool?

The elderly or disabled will love the convenience of a sturdy, stainless steel balustrade on the pool. While a small staircase is convenient, the extra help of a handrail will give you the help you need to come out of the pool with grace and style. 

balustrade pool staircase perth


All Things Stainless offers the best in strength and style when it comes to balustrades in Perth. Interested in trying out on of our inspiring balustrade ideas?

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