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5 Inspiring Outdoor Kitchen Themes

13th December 2016 08:23

Creating an alfresco kitchen in your backyard is something you will not regret doing, especially if you live in or near the beautiful city of Perth.

You might be getting into this trend for a number of reasons but first, your need some inspiration. Here are some of our inspiring kitchen themes to get you ready to start cooking outside.


  • Go All Out

If you love to entertain and cook you’re going to love having a second kitchen to play around with. Add all the little bits and appliances that you just couldn’t fit in your indoor kitchen. Don’t stop with a state-of-the-art barbeque. Splurge by adding a fridge, a pizza oven AND a convection oven (image 21). Pizza ovens are great additions to outdoor kitchens because you don’t need to worry about the exhaust and ventilation when your kitchen is outside. Top this all off with all stainless steel exhausts, countertops and cabinetry because you appreciate the professionalism of a commercial kitchen.


  • Indoor-Outdoor Flow

To get a true indoor-outdoor flow, you’ll want to incorporate a mix of materials. Stainless steel is a given for an outdoor kitchen because the material is durable, strong and low maintenance. But to really bring the tameness of the inside into the beauty of nature, you’ll want to incorporate some natural materials, as well.

Place your outdoor kitchen on timber decking and match that with timber cabinetry. Combine this with some natural stone countertops, like quartz or marble, and a neutral coloured stone wall to tie it all together.


  • A Strategic Layout

If you want a completely functional outdoor kitchen, you’ll have to really consider your layout. A horseshoe-like layout (image 19) is perfect if you want to be able to move freely between different components of your kitchen. Operate swiftly from the refrigerator to the grill to the barbeque to the fryer without missing a moment in the sun.


  • Incorporate the Dining Area

One of the great things about having an outdoor kitchen is the proximity to where the fun is going on. As such, a great theme is to have the cooking area very close to the dining area. People always tend to gather around the person that is cooking. That way, guests can either chat at built-in bar stool seating or sip cocktails at the dining room table, all within a conversational distance away from the chef.


  • A Distinguished Area

On the other hand, you can really enhance your entertaining prowess by creating a completely separate area for your dining and cooking. You can even fence it off and add a form of cover over the kitchen. Include bar stools around the counter space in the kitchen with a dining table close by.


All Things Stainless can help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Call us today to speak with one of our consultants about your design options.