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Your Complete Outdoor Entertaining Guide

3rd October 2016 08:53

If you are fortunate enough to live in Perth, you’ll want to take full advantage of the perfect weather and your outdoor space. If you’ve got the backyard, side yard, front yard or even a rooftop space available, get among the outdoor entertaining scene by transforming your space.

Here are a few steps you can take to get a complete guide to outdoor entertaining. 


Think About Layout 

If you want to transform your backyard into a truly great outdoor entertaining space, you’ll need to consider the layout. How do you plan to use the space? A big trend in 2016 is to create zones connected by pathways. You could have a dining zone, a bar zone, a lounge zone and a garden. Make sure to connect everything with easy-to-navigate and flowing pathways made from natural or natural-looking materials, like timber decking or natural stones.



Transform the Meaning of Alfresco Dining

What better way to entertain your guests than to feed them? Throw some serious dinner parties in your backyard by creating a fabulous outdoor dining area. Take it a step further than your standard barbeque and treat yourself to an actual alfresco kitchen, complete with durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel appliances.

Really bring the inside out by adding a bit of cover to your alfresco kitchen and dining area. Ditch the picnic table and lawn furniture for an elegant, long dining room table. Splurge for proper tableware and cutlery over paper and plastic.


Give the People Somewhere to Sit

Good outdoor entertainment means giving your guests a place to relax, or in this case, many places. Spruce up your yard with some good outdoor furniture, from comfy stools at the bar to lounge chairs for a chilled out space to benches in the garden. Make sure to include plenty of weather resistant cushions and fabrics.


Play with Lighting

Outdoor entertaining is nothing without good lighting. You can play with lighting in the backyard in many ways, from tiki torches lining the walkways to a fire pit in the middle of the lounge area to fairy lights strung up in the trees.

Another good way to play with lighting is to highlight certain aspects of your backyard, for example, you can place uplights under a beautiful tree or highlight a feature wall. Be thoughtful with the few key lights you choose to give the space a nice warm glow.


Take Cover

Protect yourself and your guests from the elements by providing some sort of cover. This will be useful during hot summer days and even rainy nights. You can choose how elaborate to get with this, from a nice vine-covered pergola to a full on outdoor blinds situation.

For more ideas on how you can create the best outdoor entertaining area with an outdoor kitchen, get in touch with All Things Stainless in Perth today.